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Exciting news! Our Kickstarter for the AIP 'Classic' Has been fully funded!! We are so thankful for the help and support that has been given to us. 

Team AIP thanks everyone for the support of our company, our printer, and our services on Kickstarter! Backers been contacted about pledges and rewards via email. If you're a backer, please fill out your surveys ASAP so we can get started on producing your rewards. Our 'Donor Page' will launch August!

Art and Technology Combined

Since our creation, American Infinity Printing (AIP) wants to do something different with the way that technology can be used in our daily life.

Our team has proven that we can combine great design and new technology to serve the needs of all types of commercial and creative endeavors through 3D printing &  design. 


Our Products & Services



The AIP 'Classic'

Our line of printer from American Infinity Printing, the 'Classic', is everything you want for a quality 3D printer. Perfect for rapid prototyping designs, making household items, and helping you achieve smooth, professional grade prints.

At American Infinity Printing, we know that quality prints come from a quality printer.  With Infinity3DP software, our printer is able to print incredible detail while being portable enough to take anywhere you need it. 

Basic Specs: 

Printer Type: FDM
Precision: 0.02mm-0.4mm
Build Height: 210 * 210 * 240 mm (8.26 x 8.26 * 9.44 in)
Weight: 10 kg (22 lbs)
Prints over 7  materials including: PLA, ABS, TPE, TPU, Polycarbonate, and Nylon!
[Full spec sheet at bottom of page]

Custom 3D Designs

At American Infinity Printing, we recognize that 3D modeling and design can be tricky. That's why our design team will gladly design a custom file to fit you or your company's needs.

Our files can be bought or leased, and we will even to print your design at our headquarters! 




Education & Service Team

We want to make sure that people of all levels of experience can learn how to use our product quickly and easily. 

We are currently working on a range of instructional videos.

As with any new technology, there will be some problems, malfunctions, delays, and glitches. We're here to help! 

We want to make sure that your device is perfect working order. All of our printers are backed with a 1-year limited warranty on hardware components as well as a team of trained AIP technicians able to do service calls to your office, worksite, or residence for large orders!


Unleash your inner artist

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Office • Home •  Studio


Lightweight & Portable

Sleek and stylish aluminium alloy housing allows for stable printing anywhere you need.

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Benefits of Rapid Prototyping and 3D Printing

The benefits of rapid prototyping can be seen in the large amounts of time and money that are currently spent on manufacturing. 3D printing accelerates product prototyping to create and test designs. In the past, producing new products involved companies needing to outsource to other companies, negotiating designs, and waiting long periods of time to confirm functionality. Finally, the product is sent to a factory for mass production. This process consumes a large amount of a company's overhead. 

The 3D printing industry is constantly progressing and now is the perfect time for individuals to be able to mass produce their own designs and artwork. Using a 3D printer within your home or business can enable anyone to easily print designs with no need for outsourcing.

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3D Printing helps schools and education

While some may believe that 3D printing is only for the STEM major, the fact that you can create almost any design can suit any teacher, student, or parents’ need.

By making printers available within local libraries and schools, it could give students a new interest in CAD design and a new technology that can help improve their quality of life.

3D printing can not only help fuel children’s creativity but it also helps to reduce the burden on teachers’ for supplies, cuts down on delays for ordering materials eliminating shipping times. AIP’s Classic printer will allow schools to be more self-sufficient than ever before.    



Unleash your inner artist

The AIP Classic can unlock creativity for all artists. This new medium is fun and relatively easy to use and allows artists to bring state-of-the-art ideas to life like never before. 

Print studio staples like holders, clips, stands, parts, and adapters.

Make perfectly scaled models for painting, board game pieces, or even fully functional toys!

With multi-color filaments and free to use design material online, the only limitation is your imagination!

Our Story


Kentucky native Jody Dahmer first met George Joe while both were studying at National Chengkung University in Taiwan. After graduation, they decided to contract with Taiwanese manufacturer Infinity3DP to create a new model of 3D printer to bring into the American market.

After extensive planning and testing, we are finally ready to launch our new product: the AIP 'Classic'. 

A combination of American design and Taiwanese technology, the AIP Classic delivers stable, accurate, and precise quality with a price allowing anyone to begin to create professional-grade prints in their home or business.

Our goal is to bring a groundbreaking new technology to more people, and using the skills and our design team to make a difference. 


The only limitation is your imagination

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[for the nerds]

spec sheet

Machine Size: 40x22x46cm
Print Size: 21x21x24cm
Precision: 0.02mm-0.4mm
Printing Materials: PLA, TPE, TPU, Nylon, ABS, PC (Polycarbonate), PETG
Filament: 1.75mm
Hot Bed Temp: 0-110°C
Nozzle Diameter: 0.6mm, 0.4mm, 0.2mm
Nozzle Temp: 0-300°C
Cooling Fans: 2 TurboFan + 1 Heat fan
Platform Calibration: Optical Positioner
Connectivity: SD Card, USB
Silcer software: KISSlicer, CURA, Simplify3D, etc.
Operating Language: English, Chinese
Machine Material: Aluminium Alloy
Weight: Only 10kg  ( 22 lbs. )
Operating Voltage: 110v-240v
Actual Power: 80-270w