(Frequently Asked Questions)


Where can I find a spec sheet for the AIP 'Classic'?

Printer Type: FDM
Build Height: 210 * 210 * 240 mm (8.26 x 8.26 * 9.44 in)
Prints over 7 materials including: PLA, ABS, TPE, TPU, Polycarbonate, and Nylon!
Machine Size: 40x22x46cm
Print Size: 21x21x24cm
Precision: 0.02mm-0.4mm
Printing Materials: PLA, TPE, TPU, Nylon, ABS, PC (Polycarbonate), PETG
Filament: 1.75mm
Hot Bed Temp: 0-110°C
Nozzle Diameter: 0.6mm, 0.4mm, 0.2mm
Nozzle Temp: 0-300°C
Cooling Fans: 2 TurboFan + 1 Heat fan
Platform Calibration: Optical Positioner
Connectivity: SD Card, USB
Silcer software: KISSlicer, CURA, Simplify3D, etc.
Operating Language: English, Chinese
Machine Material: Aluminium Alloy
Weight: Only 10kg ( 22 lbs. )
Operating Voltage: 110v-240v
Actual Power: 80-270w

What exactly differentiates this printer from any other printer?

Unlike other printers currently available, our nozzle is able to reach temperatures up to 300 degrees, has more height than other printers, and (most importantly) is extremely lightweight with pause & resume print capabilities allowing for simple and easy portability!

What sets you apart from other crowd funded printers

Our service is un-paralleled across the market. We're in the process of developing a line of instructional and educational videos and website so users of all levels of experience can enjoy our product and services with ease. We do service calls, and offer a 1-year limited warranty, which you do not see very often!

The high quality, ease of use, and portability of our product paired with dedicated customer service sets us above and beyond other crowd funded printers.

We also have a team of designers ready to help you design and print and item or object you could need! We also offer a printing service and will print your design at our HQ here in Louisville.

What is the retail value of the AIP 'Classic'?

The AIP Classic full retail value is $3,199 (US).

Does the printer have difficulty maintaining higher bed and nozzle temps due being open rather than enclosed?

Our printer maintains consistent bed and nozzle temps no matter the duration of your print. Our machines are thoroughly tested, and come with a 1-year limited warranty! Team AIP themselves regularly print objects taking up to five days on multiple printers on multiple occasions and have suffered no problems!

I have absolutely no experience with 3D printing; why should I buy one? Is it hard to learn?

It can sound daunting, but in reality 3D printing can be very simple!

3D printing technology industry is constantly progressing and now is the perfect time for individuals to be able to mass produce their designs and artwork for your household or company. Using a 3D printer within your  office or business can enable anyone to quickly make printed designs with no need for a third party company! This reduces overhead production costs and saves valuable time and money.  

There are over 5 million designs currently available for free download from a variety of websites, and the tools needed for students to create their own designs are easier than ever to obtain with a variety of open-source free programs and videos that are suitable for all ages to learn how to create 3D printer designs. This can allow students from all backgrounds to learn how to design in a hands-on practical way. Making printers available within local libraries and schools would help to give easier access to children from all backgrounds. In addition, after school teaching programs would be a way to give students a new interest after classes end as a possibility.

Are the printers safe?

We have extensively tested our product and designed it to be as hands-off as possible.  Surge-protected and stable, the AIP 'Classic' is meant to be able to print for long amounts of time with no risk of electrical or fire damage.

Our printer has a "hot bed" as well as a small heating device inside the print head.  We recommend placing the printer on an elevated area where no small children or pets can reach.

What is your shipping policy?

We run all of our shipping currently through either DHL or UPS from our headquarters in Louisville, KY. 


We are currently including the price of shipping with our Kickstarter orders! This may change in the future depending on quantity. 


We currently have the capability to send the printer to North America , South America, and Europe using DHL or UPS. Shipping will not be included for international orders.

Are your printers gluten free?

We really try to honor every dietary measure for our customers, and we are proud to say that we have absolutely no gluten, trans-fat in any of our printers. (Scout's honor!)

How do I order wholesale?

For any wholesale questions, please contact us directly! 


Any other questions?

Email us at americaninfinityprinting@gmail.com or fill out a 'Contact Us' form!